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Welcome to the Meander Market Muse: Your Source of Inspiration for All Things Handmade

Welcome to the Meander Market Muse, a blog dedicated to all things handmade, sustainable, and inspiring. In this blog, we will share our passion of hand-crafted goods for your home and body. Our blog is a source of inspiration for those who believe in the power of handmade products and their positive impact on local communities and the planet. From interviews with local artisans to DIY tutorials and sustainable living tips, we hope to inspire you to make mindful choices and embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future!

At Meander Market, we believe in creating and curating sustainably handmade goods for your home and body that strengthen local communities and foster global awareness. Our mission is to create a community of artisans, makers, and other small businesses that focus on making handmade products that have a positive impact in the local community as well as the planet.

A collection of products made by Meander Market including laundry wash, hand soap, shower Steampucks, and essential oils.

Currently, all of the products Made by Meander Market are made with all-natural or naturally derived ingredients, and we strive to use eco-friendly and sustainable practices and packaging wherever possible. We currently make handmade soaps, natural laundry products, essential oil blends, and natural shower steamers. As we continue to grow ourselves, we are excited to bring you more products made by us in the near future!

In addition to the products we make, we are also building relationships with other local artisans, makers, and small businesses to include even more handmade products for sale! Our first partnership was with Meadow Ridge Alpacas, a local alpaca farm, to sell their handmade alpaca dryer balls. We also collaborate with them to create our felted soap!

As our blog, the Meander Market Muse is dedicated to sharing our passion for sustainably handmade products, featuring interviews with other artisans, makers, and small local businesses. We'll explore the many reasons why choosing handmade and natural products over conventional ones is better for you and the planet, and share recipes and ideas for using them in your home. We hope you enjoy Meandering with us!

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