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At Meander Market, we believe in creating and curating sustainably, hand-crafted goods for your home and body that strengthen local communities and foster global awareness.

​Jerett Schicker, founder and owner of Meander Market, first had the idea for his company in 2020 amid a global pandemic. Like many people, stuck at home and isolated from the rest of the world, Jerett decided to take a challenging situation and turn it into an opportunity. Always enjoying the creativity and gratification of creating handmade goods and crafts, Jerett decided to turn this passion into a business. It is our hope to build Meander Market into a marketplace of hand-crafted items. We plan to sell items both made by our company and curated from the local and global community of other handmade artisans and makers whose creativity and passion for what they do are just the light that this world needs right now. We hope that Meander Market will be part of a larger and deeper story of many individuals and small businesses coming together to reimagine and strengthen communities that promote diversity, inclusivity, equity, compassion, resilience, and sustainability.

Starting humbly with hand-made, cold-process soaps and laundry detergent, we hope to include other handmade items made by us and others in the maker/artisan community in the near future. If you are interested in partnering with us, or simply want to know more, please reach out to us below!


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